Dutch copy

Need Dutch copy? Give me your existing English or French brochures, ads or websites and I’ll turn them into brand new, free flowing Dutch communication media, geared to convince even the most critical Dutch audiences (like kids, procurement managers or brick layers).

I don’t translate
You don’t have a text yet? Then please don’t bother writing finished copy in your own language. I won’t translate it anyhow. As a matter of fact, I prefer to start my writing from a sketchy briefing or a series of keywords. You see, it is much easier to write new and original Dutch copy if there is no structured text yet.

Style measured by tablespoons
You will find my final copy is usually quite simple and easy to read. The Dutch live by the motto: ‘Act normal, that’s crazy enough’. So we tend to use fewer adjectives and steer away from flowery sentences and exaggerated politeness. The tone of our ads and brochures is usually casual. A bit of tongue in cheek is accepted, but without becoming really cheeky. Unless of course the product, the client or the target audience ask for a more direct approach. In which case I’ll be glad to unleash the full power of my awesome linguistic capacities and blow them away!

A bit of history
I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 1991, after three years with an Amsterdam advertising agency. Before that, there’s a long history of odd jobs: tour guide on a bus through the low countries, highly ineffective car salesman in San Diego (CA), night watchman in banks and school buildings, freelance journalist for several popular Dutch magazines, farm hand with a tulip bulb grower, and disk jockey at a ‘whoopee’ live show club in the Red Light District. At the moment, I’m living with my family in South Burgundy, France. Still serving my many Dutch clients, mainly advertising agencies that don’t care where I am, as long as the texts are well written en delivered in time. Which they are.

So what can I do for you?
You will never really know until you ask me. Go ahead. Ask me. I’m a rather nice and easy going chap. And even though I might be more expensive than a translator, the added impact of your Dutch communication will more than make up for the extra investment. Promise.