Denounce the diluters!

In many of the pro-Bernie and AOC groups I see lackluster comments, often as first post under a wide range of articles about the primary election. Things like;

 “I don’t think it matters anymore sadly.”

“Seems over for Bernie, which sucks…”

“It’s over!!! 4 more fuckin years of Trumpkins.”

“Bernie has ZERO CHANCE of beating TRUMP”

“We’ve been cheated. No chance in hell I’ll ever vote for Biden!”

“The DNC can forget my vote. If they won’t let Bernie in, let Trump win!

If I read these, I can’t help but think: “Yes, let’s lay our heads on our laps, let our shoulders droop and our hands fall listlessly to our sides. Let us not invest any more in this already run race because Biden is going to win, and Trump is going to win and we’re all doomed and what a shame for Bernie that he has irrevocably lost this foregone race in the already distant past. We’re all going to die anyhow. So let’s order pizza and beer, curl up into a feudal position and submit to the kings of capital and their subordinate horde of demoncrats.”


I’m certain many of these dampening, negative reactions are put there by Republican or Russian trolls. And if not, by stupid people who don’t know that a lack of energy and  drive is more dangerous than the obvious opposition of the republicans and less obvious but still undeniable counterforces from within the Democratic establishment.

The most important quality of a resistance is its resilience. You’ve got to keep resisting, keep pushing, keep going out there convincing doubters to pick a side, and choose for change! This spirit of ‘YES WE CAN!’ got a coloured guy into the white house. So why not a real socialist?

So every time you see someone trying to convince the followers in a group to let go and give up, point out the fact that there is still time to affect change, that there is hope as long as the primary is not done. Expose the listless killjoys, the dampeners of spirit, the lethargic mopeheads, the promotors of mental flaccidity. Because we can change the world, beginning with the USA.

PS: I’m not American, but as a citizen of the world, I feel heavily invested in the future of the United States. If you guys can’t get Trump and his capitalist friends out of the way of progress towards a healthier society and a cleaner earth, all will be lost. So go get them! The world will be forever in your debt.