Joe is a nice guy. Unfortunately that is all he is.

I’ve been following the discussions in some Bernie and AOC groups for a while now, and it strikes me that Biden-supporters are defending their candidate without ever using real arguments. “Joe is a nice guy”, they say, “He can beat Trump.” If you point out the strongly right wing decisions Biden has made over the years, they strike back with: “Yeah, but… Joe is relatable. He can beat Trump.” Explain that it is hard to beat Trump if you can’t seem to hold a train of thought, keep slurring your words, think Super Tuesday is a Thursday and call your opponent ‘Mr. President’, they smile and say: “Maybe, but everybody likes Biden. He can beat Trump.” Then – a bit exasperated – finally you give a list of proven accomplishments and positive social policies Bernie Sanders has been fighting for during the last 4 decades. Like free healthcare for all, $15 minimum wage, equal pay for women, black rights, free education. Peace! All things Biden has voted against. After your compelling argument-filled plea, the Biden supporters will tell you you sound like a Bernie Bro and that nobody likes Sanders. Plus… “Sanders can’t beat Trump.”

I’m sorry, but why can’t they take a step back and look at the the reality of the situation? Biden is a liability. He has too many skeletons in the closet and weak points, real or imagined, that Trump can attack. Mentally, he is certainly not Trumps superior. He’ll be massacred in one-on-one debates.

So why do so many democrats keep touting the virtues of mr nice guy Biden? I think the powers that be (republican and democrats) are pretending Biden is the best choice because they are pawns of big money. They want to hurt the chances of Sanders, who is going to upset their apple cart. They don’t want equality, power for common people, free healthcare and education for all. They just want to preserve the status quo and their jobs.

Dear Joe-fans, please realise… if you go for Biden and by some miracle of technical intervention (probably involving a ventriloquist and an intricate set of remote controls) he does beat Trump, you’ll be dealing with an incompetent corporate puppet for at least four more years.  With every government decision, you’ll be wondering who is pulling the strings and calling the shots. You can be certain that with Biden behind the wheel, the real drivers will be big business banks, oil companies, chemical multinationals and pharmaceutical giants.

The truth is, between the two democratic candidates, Sanders is the only one with the resilience, the real world knowledge and the wit to actually beat Trump. Bernie is not in the race for money, glory or personal power. He is sharp as a tack, can debate rings around Trump AND wants the best for the people of the United States. If the DNC steps back and allows him to win – by simply letting the people decide without tampering with the election – Bernie will bring democracy and honesty back to the White House. And then maybe, just maybe, the world as a whole might have a chance to survive these difficult times.