“THE PRIMARIES” (part 1) Opening next in a movie theatre near you!

In every single effing American heroes movie, the story develops more or less along the same lines.

On the one hand, there is this good guy fighting for his principles. He’s not very glamorous, buys his suits off the rack. But he’s a straight up fellow, who says it like he feels it, honest to the bone.

And then there is this other guy. On the outside, he looks like a father figure. Lots of people fall for his facade end think he is the righteous one. But as the story develops, we learn that he has a double agenda. He lacks a moral compass, can be bribed to do things that might hurt other people. Under all his good heartedness is a dark calculating soul, ruthless and cold. What’s more, around younger women he can be a bit creepy.

We, the spectators, we don’t like him.

In the beginning of the movie, everything seems to be going the good guy’s way. He has a good job, a happy family, the team that he coaches is winning in a local competition. But then, he is met with adversity. The clan around his opponent, who still posing as a warm friend, is silently digging at his foundations. They are spreading rumours about him. They buy off his clients to change camp. Twist his words to smear his image in the public eye. Send spies to find out the strategy of his sports team. Without scruples, they slowly but surely work at the downfall of the good guy. Our hero falls on hard times, finds himself in dire straights, sees old friends turning away and join the competition. His team starts losing one match. Then a second match. His business is not doing so well. And even if he himself keeps believing in a positive outcome, more and more people, even within his team, are wondering if he can actually hack it.

At a certain point in these type of movies, all seems lost for our protagonist. Destitute, he is gripping at straws. His opponent stands straight, looks down at his fallen figure and mocks him. Guffaws and offers insincere sympathies. Asks him to relent, to give up. To step down.

This is the scene where we are now, in this scenario called ‘The Primaries‘. And anyone who has ever seen an American movie, knows what is going to happen next. What needs to happen next. The friends rally around the hero. They conquer their fears, get together, put their shoulders to the wheel. And then…

…it is up to you to write the end of this story. Make it happy!