XL ink cartridges for a super size irk

canon pixma XL ink cartridges with twice the ink

Everybody, and I mean everybody, hates the printer mafia. The Canons, HP’s and Epsons are like modern day dope peddlers, giving their smart multifunction printer/scanner combinations away for a pittance just to get you hooked on their special brand ink cartridges. This week I had to go through one of these heart wrenching I’m-getting-screwed-sideways-moments when ordering cartridges for my new Canon PIXMA printer. Because what were they offering? XL ink Cartridges, containing twice the amount of ink, Lees verder

Tourism brochure translation from English to Dutch

A while ago, I made a translation from English to Dutch for the Malta tourist board. An interesting job, because rather than just translate, they asked me to adapt the brochure for the Dutch market. A literal translation would have come across almost like a parody in Dutch. We are not used to overly flowery language and like to keep it a bit more factual. This means I sometimes had to completely rearrange and even rewrite the text. Below is the first page, also used as a test page, which landed me the job. Original English on the left, my Dutch version on the right. You’ll agree this is not a simple translation from English to Dutch but a Lees verder